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Our experienced service and assembly department solves even the most difficult tasks.

We are available all over the world with our complete service for our products:

  • service 04With plenty of experience on an international level, bissinger assembly department ensures trouble-free processes on our demanding building sites.

    • Industrial assembly
    • Stahl- und Pipe construction
    • Machine and plant components

    The employment of trained and certified staff is a matter of course.

  • wartung 01No matter whether an acute or medium-term standstill is concerned requiring repair as found by the inspection - rely on the flexibility of our competent team.

    During an on-site appointment, the first complexity of a repair or maintenance can be estimated, and if necessary a first site measurement can be taken. Even for quick fault analyses we have the corresponding equipment, and thus we able to advise you and to seek the best technical solution with you. Subsequently we will prepare a binding offer for you at short notice.

    We offer our entire range of products for maintenance and repair.

  • UVV GrundplaketteSafety checks are carried out by our trained service team with minimum standstill in your works. They are carried out every year in conformity with BGR500, Paragraph 3.

    Fine dust measurements are carried out to find out whether your filters still meet the general legal regulations or whether they have to be replaced by new ones.

    Ultrasound measurements to determine the residual wall thickness

  • filtereinsaetzeFor all our plants, we offer permanent storage of all wearing parts. This enables delivery within a very short time. Even after years we can supply all spare parts for your plants.

    The delivery of the wear and spare parts is ensured by the quickest means.

  • Trainingbissinger offers safety-related training for handling silos and pneumatically filled containers.

    We train you or your drivers in the handling of silo systems, e.g. the functionality of a silo system and its parts (filter, safety equipment, problems in the silo, discharge technology, etc.), but also safety-related aspects in regard to loading trucks. We help you prepare a risk assessment.

    For silo operators: Reduce the wear on your system with trained personnel!

    For silo truck drivers: Protect the system from damage, and work safely and quickly!

    The training course is approximately 1 hour.

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