Upon request contract manufacture is welcome as well

  • Lohnfertigung schweissroboterBy means of the CAD-supported work preparation, we can transfer the required control data for our cuts directly to the gas cutting system. Thus, an ideal production process is guaranteed.

    The production of your products is possible by means of the construction drawings you render.

    Quality brings together - at bissinger in conformity with German standard DIN 1090 to EX3.

  • RundbiegemaschineWhat cannot be done by everyone - our 500 ton press can manage.

    On a surface of over 2500m² in our large work halls we carry out your jobs with heavy roller and profile bending machines, folding machines, gas cutting and welding plants - quickly and reliably. Depending on the sheet-metal thickness, bending length and the material, we check every customer request for compatibility with the parameters of our presses. With Rondo 3 roller profile round bending machine we roll 360 HEB around the axle. The same applies corrspondingly for cylindrical bending work with our 4-roller bending machine. Thus you can have container sizes produced with a diameter of 4 m and material thickness of 15 mm in length without any problems.

  • vorher nachher fertigAt the works or on site, we offer among other things:

    • Steel work
    • Coating work in the requested corrosion protection class in conformity with the German standard DIN EN ISO 12944
    • Repair and maintenance work

    We have the requested measuring, testing and documentation techniques to establish proof on the correct realisation. For a high-quality final result, we have fully-automatic blasting and coating machines.

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