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    bissinger filter are always used when it is a matter of removing disturbing and detrimental substances from air flows of up to 15,000 Ncum/h in the building materials, wood, food, metal, recycling, waste, energy, chemistry and plastic processing industries.

    We use a compressed air supported, very effective and energy-saving cleaning process. Thus the cleaning cycle is ideally adapted to the respective process. When required, we can ensure a residual dust content of the exhaust air of < 1 mg/m³.

    bissinger offers filter modules for various purposes of use

    • Dust extraction units
    • Standard filter from 3 to 250m² for volume flows of up to 20.000m³/h
    • For temperatures up to 250°C
    • also with ATEX certification
    • With or without fan
    • With sound protection insulation upon request

    We use filter cartridges developed by ourselves exclusively.

    The advantages of the bissinger filter plants are, among other things, the high maintenance friendliness and the high-quality workmanship. Guarantee for a safe, simple and cost-effective maintenance.



    •  For volume flows of up to 20.000m³/h - dust extraction 3Entstaubung3
    • Large filters up to 500m²
    • Own production in standard steel as well as in stainless steel
    • For temperatures up to 250° C
    • Residual dust content of below 1 mg/Nm³ as well
    • Short delivery periods
    • We also offer reprocessing and cleaning of old plants
  • Filterwartung

    bissinger performs maintenance and repair work for all filter brands.

    Generally, the following inspections are performed:

    • Leakage check for the air line network
    • System maintenance according to the manufacturer's specifications
    • Inspection and possibly exchange of wear parts
    • Inspection with inspection report and protocol
    • Functional check for safety equipment
    • Checking configuration values / possibly performance optimisation
    • Threshold value determination of filtration performance via fine particle measurement with exhaust air current

    Filter inserts can be cleaned thoroughly with a special cleaning device if necessary.


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