From discharge technology to rotary valve

Silo components of bissinger – the complete system

We deliver all the necessary accessory parts for your new plants or for modification / redevelopment.  

  • Overfill / underfill protection consisting of:  U valve

    • Filter
    • Max. detector
    • bissinger pressure relief / vacuum valve
      • Regulation in conformity with BGV C12
      • No mechanically moved parts
      • Simple assembly
      • Safe
      • Robust
    • Pressure monitor
    • Slider / squeeze valve


    Wear protection

    In case of wearing products, the service life of the silo can be increased by means of various measures:

    In pipelines Gussbogen

    bissinger large wear protection radii

    • Most durable cast elbow in its class

    • Minimal pressure loss by large radius

    • Low-wear transport of abrasive bulk material

    • Material: Grey cast iron

    • Nominal width 100

    • 90° diversion

    In containers

    • Increase of the statically required sheet metal thickness

    • Wear protecting lining of the silo with stainless steel, Hardox, plastic or rubber

    • Inside coating as corrosion protection or reduction of the material adhesion

    • Static calculation in conformity with German standard DIN EN 1090 under consideration of environmental conditions, such as earthquakes, wind, snow or bulk material analysis

  • Big-Bag plants

    • For manual filling of Big-Bags, for example loading plants, when requested
    • With heavy-duty rollers for hand transport
    • With mount for forklift transportt
    • With filling and emptying control
  • Sicherheit1Measurement and safety technology

    • Level limit switch: capacitive probes, vibration and rotating paddle sensor, continuous filling level measuring systems, in ultrasound, capacitive or gravimetric execution
    • Temperature controller
    • Pressure monitor
    • Load cell
    • Explosion door for explosion relief
  • Conveyor systems

    • foerderungFilling pipe and pipe connection galvanized or varnished
    • Pneumatic conveyor systems for every individual case: Dense phase or plug conveying plants, blown delivery plants as pressure or suction delivery, for building materials, coal, sewage sludge, ash, plastic, chemical products and food in all sizes
    • Designed especially for your demand
  • Discharge technology

    • OutputFor fine-powder or coarse-grain, fluidisable or agglomerated bulk material
    • Aeration systems in nozzle or cushion version; to be replaced from the outside even
    • Air cannons for slow-flowing bulk materials
    • Vibrating cones
    • Shut-off devices, such as flaps or slides, with manual operation, pneumatically or motor driven
    • Forced discharge systems such as screws or rotary valves
    • Loading plant for open and closed lorries or rail wagons, ship loader of up to 1000 m³/h, for gravel, sand, dusty, explosive and corrosive products, housing and cupss in normal and stainless steel excution
  • InspectionInspection facilities

    • Steps and railings in normal or stainless steel; execution as required by the customer
    • Folding steps with three, four or five steps, with manual control or electro-magnetic drive, for safe access of lorries and rail wagons
    • Ladder with bissinger fall protection on roof outlet For transport silos we have developed a special folding ladder system which minimises the transport dimensions. A time-consuming disassembly of the ladder is thus prevented. When setting up the silo the ladder is folded open with a few quick motions and corresponds to the applicable standards and regulations.
    • Cross-over bridges between silo roofs with railings, in all requested executions


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